Antiques - Great Care Required!

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A fair amount of our time is spent transporting antiques. We are the chosen transport company for several major antique dealers in the Cheshire area - we consider this to be prestigous work in which we are proud to be involved.

Fairly obviously, antiques require very careful handling! Of course, we take great care with all the furniture entrusted to us, antique or not, but some of the antique pieces that we handle are very fragile indeed. Some of the larger items, such as bookcases and cupboards, come into sections and we have to dismantle them before transporting, then reassemble (in the correct order!) upon delivery. We often carry antique pieces that are on their way to be restored and it is essential that every item is carefully packed properly before transportation.

Customer confidentiality dictates that we do not give exact details of what we have carried, but we once transported a dining table that cost more than my house........

If you have an antique piece of furniture that you need transporting, you can engage our services knowing that we have the required experience to handle it. Some of our clients ask us to help when they require precious and / or delicate items of furniture just moved within their homes, from one room to another or maybe up or downstairs.

Should you require a valuation for a particular antique item, we will be happy to contact, on your behalf, one of the expert dealers for whom we work. Also, we can put you in touch with the antique restorer to whom we deliver, should you have a piece of furniture that needs restoration or repair. His work is first-rate and he is kept busy by many specialist antique dealers. As usual, just phone us or drop us an email.

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